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Live stream and in-person Zumba® Classes

This class is high-energy, easy to follow, and with great music.

Our Zumba® Classes

We all know that exercise is essential for good physical and mental health, but did you also realize that it is an important form of self-expression? Now, you can join our in-person or live stream Zumba® classes, there are no excuses! So get moving while burning calories like never before.
The joys found in this class will help us maintain emotional balance as well. Let loose and let ZUMBA® do the work as we dance powerfully together in a sweaty happy hour (or two).

fitness instructor leading a zumba class

Live stream Zumba® Classes

If you love to dance and sweat, then Zumba® is the perfect workout for you.  No need to leave home, participate in this exciting class with our live stream PARTY!

fitness instructor leading online zumba class

Zumba® studio at home

Zumba® Classes

Turn your home into a dance floor and invite all of the people you know to participate. With these new live-stream Zumba® Classes, there are no limits on who can join!

Join our live stream and in-person Zumba® classes with great coaches


Don´t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

Zumba Classes

«I’ve been attending Martha’s classes for years and have loved them»

Carolina Mora

«Just a fun way to stay fit! Very enjoyable Zumba session!

Miguel Lindgren

«I am new to the Zumba (via Zoom) class with Martha and I absolutely love it❣»

Karen Keaton

«Before I started taking classes with CFL I had zero experience with strength training, having problems with my lower back for a long time I was scared to try new exercises, but she took the time to give me recommendations and show me the correct alignment to improve my strength, CFL classes are a life changer»

Carolina Sabillon

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Join our live-stream and in-person  Zumba® Classes with great coaches


Here are some frequently asked questions

What is your refund policy?

We can transfer your purchase to a future program, class or event. Please submit a refund request for consideration to [email protected]

What payment method do you accept?

All major credit cards, Chase/Zelle, Vemmo, Paypal, Chech, and Cash. 

Can I hire you for an event?

Yes, we are happy to bring fitness, health, and wellness to any event. Please email us: [email protected]

Can I upgrade/downgrade membership?

Ye, we can make changes to your membership, please email your request to [email protected]

How do I join the virtual classes?

All virtual classes are through Zoom from any device, one registered code will be sent to your registered email.

Can you donate to my fundraiser?

Yes, we are happy to contribute to fundraisers whenever possible. Please email your request to [email protected]

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