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Residential Fitness Programs

Keep your residents active with our residential fitness programs!

How a residential fitness programs can help you?

Create a community

We want to help you create a more engaging environment for your residents by giving them something they’ll enjoy.

Attract new customers

Offer fitness services to potential clients and sign new contracts. Increase sales.

Get a head start on your competition

Stand out from the crowd and make your mark in a competitive industry.

Build resident loyalty

Stabilize your resident retention rate and finally start making money the way you always wanted to.

What we offer

On-site fitness classes

On-site fitness classes are the perfect way to show your residents that you care about their health. You’ll be saving them time and money by providing these services in one convenient location!

on-site fitness classes

On-site personal training

The royal treatment for your residents! Give them personalized on-site personal training that is tailored to meet each client’s needs and goals.

on-site personal training

Live stream fitness classes

We help you stay on top of your game and give residents the tools they need to succeed. If some don’t feel comfortable training in groups or with coaches, we offer live stream fitness classes that allow them protection from home while still getting a great workout!

live stream fitness classes

Yoga classes for residents

Our classes are so varied and customizable that we can help you offer residents an amazing yoga experience on-site or streaming from the comfort of their homes. We will reduce stress levels while seeing results like increased contract renewal!

yoga classes for residents

On-site and live stream Zumba® classes

Which resident didn’t want to feel like they were constantly on party mode? We have everything you need for an exciting, dance-filled atmosphere. Let our Zumba® classes keep your clients happy and give outfit bumps all day long!

on-site and live stream zumba classes

How it works

Contact us

Give us a call or shoot off an email!

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Get all the information you need, available schedules, types of training, and prices.

Customize your residential fitness programs 

Create a personalized and engaging residential fitness program. 

Live stream fitness classes in your preferred platform 

Group classes / Workshops at your location

On-site personal training

Zumba® classes

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