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Fitness Classes

Build strength and increase flexibility with proper form and technique.

Why should you take our fitness classes?

Our fitness classes and programs include at different levels a portion of all fitness components.

Our focus is a mindful movement with proper form and technique, planting neurological pathways for the maximum energy in the body to travel through the spine with the awareness of any injuries, conditions, and/or any needs unique to each client.

woman workout with dumbbells

Fitness Classes Components


Cardiovascular health is the ability of the body to take in oxygen and delivery it to your muscles and organs during prolonged periods of movement.

Benefits: reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce chronic pain, strengthen immunity, better sleep and improve brain fuction.

Muscular Strength & Endurance

Muscular strength is the amount of weight you can lift. Muscular endurance is how many times or how you can keep lifting the weight.

Benefits: improve bone density, improve balance and decrease fall risks, regulate body composition, improve posture and decrease back pain.

Joint Range of Motion and Flexibility

The available amount of movement at the joint (shoulder, ankle, hip). Flexibility is the ability of muscle, tendon, and connective tissue, to stretch through the available range of joint motion.

Benefits: reduce injury risk and pain, greater facility for strength, improve overall body performance, positive Mindset.

Fitness Classes

woman doing workout with dumbbells

Strength Training

woman doing cardio sculpt

Cardio Sculpt

woman doing core and stretch

Core and Stretch

senior woman doing sculpt and core

Sculpt and Core


Our instructors are licensed and certified above industry standards and have years of experience teaching a variety of formats for all ages and ability levels

Martha Patricia Montes

CEO / Founder Chicago Latin Fitness

Martha Patricia Montes is a Fitness and Wellness professional with over 20 years of experience; she holds a Master´s in Exercise Science from Northeastern Illinois University, licensed by the American College Sports Medicine (ACSM) in 2001, and completed her Yoga Alliance teacher training in 2010. Martha´s approach to lifestyle changes combines mindful movement through Fitness, Yoga, and Meditation partnered with nutrition; her result proven approach has taken her to work with all ages and abilities ranging from athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts looking to enhance performance, body re-shaping, and lasting lifestyle changes.

Fitness Classes
Fitness Classes

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Fitness Classes

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