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Live stream and in-person Fitness classes

Our fitness classes are a great way to get moving and keep healthy. 

Live stream fitness classes

We offer classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience. We focus on mindful movement with proper form, which helps neurological pathways for a full-body workout in your spine! In addition, we will work on any injury or condition that may be unique to each client so they can feel confident in their progress at every stage.

We have designed our live-stream workouts to not only include physical components such as exercise routines, but also mental ones such as meditation techniques where one focuses solely on self-awareness while performing an activity from start to finish with no distractions.

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In-person fitness classes for you

We’ve got you covered! With our wide variety of classes, we are sure to have the perfect workout for any fitness level. No matter if it’s your first time or your hundredth time attending, we’ll make sure everyone feels welcome and gets an excellent experience.
We offer group and individual workouts led by highly qualified trainers who provide access not only to individual attention but also constant encouragement as well as feedback on the form so there is no guesswork when performing the movements within each sequence.

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Fitness Classes

Sculpt and Core

Core and Stretch

Cardio Sculpt

Strength Training

Join our live stream and in-person fitness classes with great coaches


Don´t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

Fitness Classes

«I’ve been attending Martha’s classes for years and have loved them»

Carolina Mora

«Just a fun way to stay fit! Very enjoyable Zumba session!

Miguel Lindgren

«I am new to the Zumba (via Zoom) class with Martha and I absolutely love it❣»

Karen Keaton

«Before I started taking classes with CFL I had zero experience with strength training, having problems with my lower back for a long time I was scared to try new exercises, but she took the time to give me recommendations and show me the correct alignment to improve my strength, CFL classes are a life changer»

Carolina Sabillon

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Join our live stream and in-person fitness classes with great coaches


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